Big Day is on the way

APRIL 23 2015

Our Story

Hello everyone and welcome to our baby website. We established this website to share our happiness and also give important information to you.

AUGUST 30 2004

Will you be my girlfriend!?

We started dating August 30th, 2004 after working at Applebee’s together during summer vacation our freshman year of college. It truly was fate considering that we both attended Denmark High School, but lost touch after Ben moved to Luxemburg.


Will you marry me!?

Ben proposed to Bridget on her 21st birthday. Although we knew it would be a long engagement because we both wanted to finish school and get started working in our respective careers, Bridget happily said “yes”!



DECEMBER 31 2010


The big day finally arrived, December 31, 2010. It turned out to be everything we had hoped for. The ceremony was absolutely wonderful and the reception was a ton of fun! We couldn’t have envisioned a more perfect day.

OCTOBER 19 2014

We’re having a baby!

We announced to our family and friends that there would be a new addition to the family. Although it took some convincing, we made our first YouTube video to share the moment with everyone!  We actually had so much fun making it, we may make another after the baby arrives and title it “3 Cats and a Baby”!

Baby Shower

Day of Fun

In celebration of our first child, we have planned a morning full of fun! Please join us for a delightful brunch and a variety of activities and entertainment!

Time and Place

Saturday – 21 February 2015
When 10:00 AM
At 15601 Keehan Rd, Maribel, WI


Join us in celebrating

Boy or girl, we simply can’t say…. But let’s shower the mommy before the big delivery day!

Are you attending?

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Gift Registration

We registered at Target and Babies R Us, our wish list can be found on their websites or just click the images below.


Do we accept cash? Yes! But only if your first name is John and last name is Witt.

Thank you to our friends and family

Having a supportive family and great friends are a real value for anyone. We are so proud and fortunate to have you all by our side. We can’t wait to introduce our newest addition and so excited to share our special day with all of you.